CostOil Services Limited

CostOil Services provides cost estimating services to the upstream oil and gas industry. With expert knowledge and extensive experience in all types of oil field development, CostOil’s aim is to provide a quality estimating and cost verification service at the concept selection, feasibility study or cost verification stages of a project. We do so by providing cost study reports covering life of field CAPEX, DRILLEX, OPEX and decommissioning costs. These reports can be used both by internal management or external third parties requiring independent cost verification. The services we provide at CostOil are flexible and are designed around the client’s specific requirements.

Prospect Evaluation

Concept selection with Life of Field (LoF) capital and operating estimates for economic screening.

Cost Estimating

LoF cost models using bespoke in- house cost modelling tools to produce full time phased breakdowns of all costs.

Cost Verification

Independent verification of LoF costs for CPR’s, banks, investors and other stakeholders.

Preliminary Concept Selection

Initial pre-FEED estimates for feasibility study and concept selection use.


By using the same database, methodology and estimating tools, consistent cost estimates across multiple assets, projects, time frames and geographic locations can be produced.


Proprietary in house parametric costing models allow new green and brownfield developments to be budget costed allowing quick and efficient initial evaluation and adjustment


All estimates use the latest industry costs and rates checked against current industry norms, and benchmarks.